A place to explore all that has come before, archived as much as possible. You will find things here that have utilized some sort of html/design, from college sites/blogs to projects on a personal level (college satirical newsletters, graphical tests, etc.). Meant more for me than anything else, it serves as a reminder of where I’ve been and where I hope to go next. Thanks for your support! (2014-2016)

A passion of mine has always been video games, and my favorite franchise seemed to always be on the up-and-up, until about 2014-2015 with a few missteps. Couple that with a new family life and I eventually became less interested in keeping up with all the news, or at least trying to be the breaking news that I determined to try to be with the creation of this website in 2014. I still hold the domain, with the intention of returning or turning over to a team dedicated to keeping up on all things Halo.


Swords and Trampolines (2006-2008)

Trying to re-kindle the chemistry of The 4th Floor Dig, Eddie and I attempted a more worldly approach to satirical writing. It had its pluses and minuses, but ultimately was a pet project we abandoned when other things caught our attention. (2006-2014, 2018-)

Originally created as a means to archive my past works (much as this page does!), I also had a blog that was on there (old blog), it eventually turned into a more professional front as I hoped to dive into more multimedia projects with my book published (I) and videos I was editing to some music in the late 2000s. Once I knew I wanted to dedicate my creative efforts to a fan/news site for Halo, my domain was switched to the Halo-News domain. After that fell through, I’ve switched hosting back to re-pad my personal page. (2015-2016)

With a couple of other gamer-minded individuals (at similar life stages no less with kid(s) and families), we sought out to review games that would be bargain priced and evaluating if the cost was worth it. Considering we are all Xbox gamers and have similar dispositions towards limited funds, it was something we enjoyed that never got the traction we desired. RPG was a fun collaborative effort, though.


Misc. Graphics (1996+)

I’ve always been interested in graphical work, whether just for fun, school projects, sites, forums, etc. Here you’ll find ones I’ve created on my own from programs or have tweaked existing images into new creations.