We Lost The Sea – Challenger Part 1 (Unofficial Music Video)

in 2022, I created these unofficial videos for another concept album that really impacted me.
this time from We Lost The Sea’s Departure Songs, an album that contains catastrophic and failed epic journeys to further humankind.
Challenger has always been heavy on my heart. Though being about 3.5 years old at the time, I still remember my mom telling me what had happened on that day (I was on the way to the Doctor’s office to get stitches above my eye from an accident on our home swingset).
I discovered the album in 2021 thanks to a persistent friend, Sean, and for the 36th anniversary on January 28 (2022), I couldn’t shake the song from my head and the visuals it created.
I broke my “no video using someone else’s footage” rule for this simply because of the source material – it had to be impactful and I would not ever be able to recreate it.
These videos represent months of hard work trying to fill 24/32 minutes of an epic sonic journey, and an epic event that I will never forget.